Heli Cargo

If you were to send some cargo to some remote destination quickly and easily, what kind of cargo service would you use? Helicopter Cargo is way faster than taking it by road.

Most of the Himalayan region does not have proper roads and helicopters offer you a perfect alternative. At Himalayan Helicopters our helicopter cargo charter service gives you the fastest service from the source of an urgent shipment straight to the end user's facility. With the threat of over-congested roads, endless traffic jams, unexpected delays and the clock ticking, a helicopter charter that can reliably deliver that time-critical shipment is of real value.

Using our Helicopter Cargo Service has various advantages. We can quickly send cargo from one destination to another. We can take your cargo to remote destinations that are otherwise unreachable by road. Our Helicopter Cargo Service is reliable and affordable. We take great care of your goods and make sure that it reaches the right hands.

You will also be able to track the Cargo mid way so that you are assured that your goods are completely safe. We have extra machines to carry your cargo and have ground crew to handle all sensitive materials if any.