Heli Rescue

In case of natural disasters, unfortunate as they may be, air rescue becomes imperative. Himalayan Helicopters' ever present machines help those rescue processes become successes.

We are often called in such situations and where response times are life critical and proper management becomes of utmost important. In the Himalayan region many times trekkers or mountain climbers are stranded due to injury or natural calamities. We go to these difficult places for rescue mission. It gives us great honor to bring back such people back. So far, we have had a 100% success in any rescue mission that we have undertaken.

Most of our rescue helicopters are like a fully equipped intensive care unit in the sky. They're equipped to deal with emergency paramedical help. Our rescue helicopters operate a vital rescue service that's on-call for all rescue missions, virtually anywhere in the country, even the base camps of various mountain peaks and above. The machines and crew standby 24 hours a day seven days a week, especially in tourist seasons, to save lives and serve the community through the provision of rapid response critical care.

We have been recognized by the government and travel companies, as a team who have achieved such successful results time after time, challenge after challenge and carried them out with the required level of urgency, accuracy, professionalism and safety needed for emergency international rescue.